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Submitted on
February 20, 2010


  • Mood: Exhilarated
  • Listening to: Skillet Playlist on Media Player |3
  • Reading: Latin stuff XP
  • Watching: me putting stuff together on Scratch =3
  • Playing: the game I'm making, just as test runs XD
I've been tagged so you can read my tag thingy below |3
anyways, I just wanted to update that I'm doing well with my game for one thing. I have over 70 variables that will be words and endings! :faint: it's a lot to do...I may need more time to work on it :icondizzyplz:

in other news, I'm trying to teach myself thing I accomplished was being able to balance on the skateboard while it moves, so hurray! :dummy: agh, I need more room though 'cause my drive way doesn't help...I keep turning for some weird reason and I end up landing on the grass...anyone know how to keep it going straight? XD

I've also found some soccerballs in my garage, but they don't have much air T_T' I did use one soccer ball with the most air and I tested to see how hard I can kick...heh, that ball went far for all I can say Oo'' I also found out from that I'm left-handed yes, but also right-legged...I like kicking with my right leg XD

as for basketball....none of the basketballs we own even bounce...they need air, too |D we also gotta find a way to own a basketball goal, I really wanna shoot some hoops! :shakefist:

now for my tag! ;P

tagged by: :iconellaxstella:

Ten things about myself:

1. I like cold dad likes warm weather...we're very opposite |D
2. my imagination can be too much for me sometimes...I have weird dreams and hallucinations that I can feel as well XP
3. I'm improving in drawing cartoon/animeish peoples! :dummy: in my own style, of course ;P
4. my most fave land animals are horses and cats X3
5. my most fave marine animals are penguins and seals! X3 also, dolphins and killer whales (orca whales) |3
6. my most fave birds are falcons and… boobies)...they're awesome! XD
7. my most fave sports are basketball and soccer! X3
8. I'm starting to like skateboarding, too XP
9. I can't stop listening to Skillet's so dang awesome, I love it! :w00t:
10. I'll actually be 15, half way to 30, in about 6 more days...hurray for the 26th of February! XD
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Beagleboy4ever Feb 20, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Cool, my birthday's coming up soon too! Happy Early
Birthday! :party:
awesome! happy b-day to you too, then~! =D and thnx X3
Chari-Artist Feb 20, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Oh, well early Happy Birthday! <3
:iconohrlyplz: Happy B-day, then! :party: If we lived closer together I'd give you a real present... but I'm not trying to be creepy or anything! ^^; Srry...

My cousin is pretty much the best stunt bicyclist around our place. He's getting pretty good, but I think I'm completely hopeless with those things though. I can't even stand on a skateboard.:ohnoes: I practiced all summer once, and I can do two hundred something jumps on a pogo stick. You can't do flips or grinds on a pogo stick, though. I'll stick to drawing. :D
thnx! X3 and that's okay, I have the same kinda feeling with other online buddies I'm really close friends with XD you too |3

lol, cool XDD I have a pogo stick, too, but I'm hopeless balancing and jumping at the same time XD I'm doin well on my skateboard though now, I can sorta ride faster than I could yesterday =D
Cool! :dummy: Go on that extreme sports channel once you get really good, K? I'm hopeless on skateboards... It's about time they made airboards.
lol, okay XD

oh cool, what are airboards? =O
Like, hoverboards. Sonic Riders or something. |P
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