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  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Until the Whole World Hears by Casting Crowns
  • Reading: Biology book |3
  • Watching: me flippin pages...writing notes...etc XD
  • Playing: hoping to play a game soon T_T'
I'm just relaxing to my MP3...kinda...I have Christian rock playing so forget relaxed. XD

anyways, I'm also gonna have to study lots of things this weekend as a result for final tests next's almost semester break~! :w00t: I'm gonna miss my friends though during break ^^; the subjects I gotta study? ugh, History for the finals next week...Biology for the last test next week this semester (will be more tests next sem.), then there's Latin...which I kinda hate as much as History...memorizing endings is worse than Historical dates! :icondizzyplz: and I think that's, wait, I have a test on a book next week too so I gotta read 5 chapters T_T'' I actually don't like to read books...just my Bible is all I like...XD

other than that, I got my rest today since art class was sadly canceled ^^; I love the extra rest I got (woke up at 12pm ;P) but my art teacher is sick so I'm praying for her. -.-'

and the thoughts I've had lately are~:
- for every person you meet, you meet them for a reason...question is, what could the reason be? (you guys think of what reason you think it is for you to have met me...if you want ^^ heh, I have lots of friends n' all but I'll respond with a reason why I met you all XD)
- for every person you split up with, you split for a reason or your own good. (my older sis had a friend who started going on drugs n' now they aren't friends anymore. ^^; who knows what happened, but now that I remember the person, I'll start praying for her...)

and that's all for my thoughts...these started up a little after I made friends at school =D

now for my "about me" list~! :dummy: be prepared...XD

- cheerful most of the time X3
- total tomboy XD
- stubborn =P
- forgiving/apologetic :handshake:
- relaxed/calm |3
- easy-going :3
- doesn't believe in giving up easily ;P (related to stubbornness...XD)
- caring/kind/compassionate/merciful? :? (what do you guys think? it's for some reason hard to admit I'm a kind person if I am -.-)
- easily angered...but I remain calm, keep my anger in, or forget bout it...T_T' (when it comes to my lil sis though and she crosses the "annoyance line", uhh...I get kinda angry...XD I usually have to carry her out of my room, talk about loving my sore back every time =P)
- self-doing ^^; (I usually like doing stuff myself...otherwise, I go help another person but I'm the type who doesn't usually go with being helped -.-' I also very often like carrying more things than my parents to show them I'm independent and err...tough...XD)
- helpful =D (I like helping others X3 often, I forget about helping myself or I don't accept help from others 'cause I just wanna be the helper...XD)
- VERY shy, not one to start conversations...:icondragonshy2plz:

Tomboy Traits?
- I don't like shopping unless it's for toys and games =P
- I don't like dresses and skirts one bit, I'll never even wear 'em! :shakefist:
- sports clothes are awesome! X3
- I'm not into "pretty" stuff like make-up or something like that...XD
- I like hanging out with my guyfriends the most, but still hang out with my girl buddies since I still have tomboyish friends...|3
- I like to show I'm kidding! XD but it's not like I get into fights, I show it in arm wrestling or something ;P
- video games are fun~! :dummy:
- most "girl-talk" isn't talking about dating and make-up, urgh! >~<'
- pink is one of my least fave colors T_T' but blue wins~! X3 (ironic being a Sonamy'd think I'd like both blue and pink if Sonic and Amy are my fave characters XD but hey, I'm not racist =P)
- tennis shoes rock! >=3
- dressing up isn't my thing...T_T' usually, I'm forced mom and sisters hate that tomboy side of me -.-'
- I hope to find a way to join the playfights my guyfriends get into at school...XDD

Sensitive to?
eh, I have a sensory disorder so it's best you understood that side of me ;P

- loud noises like vacuums, leaf blowers, etc...ironically, guitars don't bug me at all if they play loud on my speakers from my rock music XDD
-- in fact, I LOVE the sound of guitars =D can't stop listening to that Christian and Christmas Rock...XD
- sound of chewing sadly...makes it hard on me and I'm easily stressed with that ^^; that's why I sit alone a lot when I eat...-.-' no complete family dinners I guess...heh ^^;
- sudden noises...I jump from those! O_O' like slammed doors or something really unexpected XD
- that...scratching sound...urgh...on chalkboards or walls....oh the horror!! >~<' that sound was on a Sonic X episode though...T_T' (when Sonic was trying to get up the METAL craft but...he scratched that metal falling off and...yow for my ears! >_<' )

- I actually don't like certain movements...not sure how to explain T_T'
- for an unorganized person, I don't like dirty spots =P
- lights...a lot of light bugs me, even if it's not very bright to others ^^; I'm photosensitive for one thing you call it...have been since freakin birth -.-'
- blinking or flashing lights, images, etc...they give me headaches and if I'm not careful, they may give me another seizure ^^; I only had one in my life, I was 8, it was scary, blah blah need for full story here xP
- if something isn't positioned in a way I like, I get irritated...>~<' this sensory thing is what makes drawing harder on me ^^;
- I only like things I write a certain length...this is what makes writing stories hard for me ^^;

- I hate touching other things like paper after my hands/fingers have touched's still like that after drying my hands darn it T_T' at least it's a temporary feeling every time |3
- I hate the feeling of rough, dry denim and sandpaper for example...but I'm okay with animal licking since I've had cats lick me XD (ever heard of cat's tongues feeling like sandpaper? heh, that's true...but it's more...soft? XD)
--besides hating the rough feeling, I LOVE feeling fluffy, soft, and warm stuff~! X3
- I get cold easily, ugh T_T' (fingers numb at moment :shakefist:)

- I hate spicy stuff =P
- I like sour burns my tongue ^^; heh, sour fruit is okay though...XD it's the candy that bugs me a lot...
- spicy food gives me cold-like symptoms T_T' usually from Mexican food, not sure why, but even mild salsa is spicy hot to me >.<'
- sugar gives me symptoms of a stomach virus...I usually feel like throwing up ^^; heh, at least avoiding sugar will keep me healthy XD
- because I'm almost vegan, meats and dairy products will make me sick to the stomach...maybe to the point of actually throwing up...^^; I don't mind anyways, I'm a proud vegan! XD *soon to be off the darn cheese* T_T'
- artificial food flavoring type stuff is the tastes like freakin medicine! :bleh:
---basically, I only like fruits, veggies, bread, water, and...pasta! XD

- smell of foods I dislike make me feel sick =P
- strong smells like candles and perfume bug me SO MUCH! >~<'

and that's kinda all for my sensitivity...XD
all I can say is I hope to go from learning Micro-Biology to learning about the nervous system, I kinda need that knowledge ^^;
I'd put in more about me stuff, but I really gotta get back with studying and uhh...stop babbling in my journals...seeya~! XDD

PS. 2 more months (Feb. 26th) until my birthday~! X3 *also realizes repetitive use of icons* wow, sorry...XD
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Nine-MileStudios Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
Yeah my finals are next week too >.< Sooo not looking forward to English. :(
Hehe, I'm a big tomboy too. But I have to wear a dress over Christmas break for the first time in 3 years. My best friend made me her Maid of Honor for her wedding...
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
boy, finals will kill us with tiredness and boredom >~<

cool ^^ and that pops a question in my head...what would tomboys even wear at their wedding? XD
Nine-MileStudios Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
Boy you said it >.<

Hey, if I ever get married, I'm wearing nice slack pants and a dressy blouse. That's it!
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
lol, same here! XD
Nine-MileStudios Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
If I HAD to wear a dress, it would be something plan and simple. Nothing frilly.
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
XD ditto...>~<
Eternal--Nights Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Student Digital Artist
We are like twins!! :D I only wear dresses when I go to church, and I really want to wear jeans, but it's disrespectful. :|
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
ha, really? XD
I'm forced to wear dressy clothes to Church...ugh T_T'
Eternal--Nights Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I know how you feel. I hate being girly, and just looking at girly things. I hate that almost every show has to have a drama queen in it :|
and I really hate that the majority of girls at my school are so girly!! >_< One time, this one girl screamed and moved to the side when someone passed the coat to her. and she was like, 5 feet away from that person :no:
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
yes, I agree ^^; so many drama queens on TV shows today...UGH! >.<' I don't even watch TV anymore, just old shows on YT (YouTube) XD

and dang, that's weird...O_O' I don't know anyone who'd scream from some other dude passing a coat to them..or anything for that matter...-.-
Eternal--Nights Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I still watch some shows. Sonny with a chance is funny XD but Tawny is too weird O_o and the suite life of Zac and Cody, London Tipton UGHH she's so dumb. I still like to watch all of them though :shrug:

well, it's more like throwing than passing. XD but lightly throwing it
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
yeah, London Tipton is...really...ugh T_T'

lol, okay XD
Eternal--Nights Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I know!! D: Sometimes I like her when shes smart, but when she says stupid things...

Example!!! on the suite life on deck:

Bailey: it;s speaking gibberish!!

London: I've never been to Giber!! Is it nice?!? :dummy:
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
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HeroTheHedgefox Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you get semester breaks?! lucky!
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
heh, I guess...I might spend my semester break studying a bit still so I'm ready for 2nd semester XD
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