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Submitted on
November 24, 2009



Wii Play Wifi? =3

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 12:38 PM
  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Listening to: Dead Man by Jars of Clay
  • Watching: big screen in a minute |3
  • Playing: I'll be playing the Wii in a minute X3
  • Eating: lotsa fruit! X3
  • Drinking: water =3
:iconsonamyglompplz: Welcome~! :XD:

I'm REALLY bored and wanna play Super Smash Bros Brawl with someone through does my little sis ;P so, does anyone have their friend codes? =3 I'm warning you I'm good, not great but good =D bad thing is, no matter how skilled I am, I can't fight someone through WiFi easily...*remembers what weren't battles while meeting up with :iconchari-artist: through WiFi* XDDD
I go too easy on my buddies, hard to fight you guys though it'd still be cool to meet through WiFi~! X3 I'm way bored, so...lets trade friend codes! :dummy:

My user: USA (couldn't fit USAhorses XD)
My FC: 4812 1417 1978

yeah, I'll be on my Wii right now for maybe an hour so hurry and post your friend codes if you got 'em! ^^

other than that, my allergies have been bad...evil cold weather XDDD

Fwiends' art X3
Tribal Dream by LycanFhangCosmo by USAkittenBATHYTIME by leonathegriffin.:: Pony Bite ::. by GodsSonicGirlThnx 4 the 5k by Amyrosepetal14:thumb132298264::thumb141418941::thumb141802943:CE: sonamy and bulbarita by ritinha2Sonic The Werehog Battle by Pro-Master-Gamer.:Sonamy Doodle Classic:. by PhoenixSAlover:thumb131799014:plusle and minun by jimmaybubbles2:thumb141565248::thumb135806172:3 Hedgies: Sugar High by hawkeye-maverick:thumb132054044:DURGS XDDDD by DarkCreamShadow Will Kill You by crazyhedgehog777Zip'n'Zap comicstrip 2 by Chari-ArtistDan the Swordmaster - C.V. by BlazinFlizardLil' Silver by AllHailWeegeeSilver the hedgehog -pz read- by AinaShadox:thumb141484242::thumb139329402::thumb136499480:The artist behind Cat Comixz? by CatComixzStudiosSonic and Amy by relyonArcanine sketch by sparky-the-raichu
I've got a lot of friends! :faint: this is one from each of most of them I could remember to find! XDD

I've been tagged! :dummy:
(tagged by :iconraccoonamatata: XD)
1.Post these rules.
2.Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3.At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4.Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5.No tag-backs.
hmm....I guess I've got 10 more things about me....I'm running out with these tags all of a sudden XD
1. I get really nervous trying on clothes in dressing rooms...I prefer my bedroom at home ^^;
2. I'm picky about the clothes I wear, that's why my mom gets mad at me while she tries finding the right clothes for me XDD
3. I LOVE video games!! X3
4. I usually prefer basketball over soccer (football in other countries ;3) but now I've realized I like to sorta soccer is something I gotta play XD
5. Besides my want to kick, I also like punching so boxing would be another interesting thing...I already punch my pillows and bed XD I get into my largest punching mood when I'm stressed or angry though, so don't make me mad in public when there aren't any pillows! :ohnoes: (I wouldn't punch someone though, it's just a warning ;P I've got control =D)
6. There are times I'm REALLY tomboyish and actually sorta act...err...not sure what to call it, but I try acting really tough sometimes! XDD like today having to carry a bunch of bags inside my house from the car for my was fun =D
7. I'm so shy, I talk quieter than I intend, I tried wishing someone a Happy Thanksgiving but they didn't hear me...and I actually talked to the person without knowing 'em well! >.<' then my mom sorta heard the "whisper" and was like "what were you saying to her? couldn't hear you..." dang! XD
8. I've been watching Sailor Moon again, just in's better =P *is on episode 53 already, otherwise, Sailor Moon R episode 5 or something...* XD
9. I actually do get some clothes from the boys section xP for some reason, boys clothes are more comfy to me...:paranoid: nice, baggy, and soft! :dummy:
10. I can get really inferior to my mom's called me short many time before, even today and it bugs me -.-' but I can't be short, I'm taller than someone I know who's older than me ^^;

now, I'm too lazy and bored to tag people so...tag yourselves! :turbopoke:
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my friend code is 0345-6024-6392. the fight will be on! XD I usually play as Pit or meta knight because I stink at using any other characters. I can't fight right now but I might be on later if your willing to check every once in a while. :)
lol, awesome! XD
and sure, I keep your friend code written down~! X3
Ok! I put in yours already.
Dude! I would totally play with you 'cause I'm a SSBB wizard! But where I live, there's no Wifi point whatsoever! :pissed: That's the only problem! I'm so sorry! :crying:
dang, I'd totally play with ya, too! >.<'
you can buy a WiFi box thingy but I'm not sure how much it costs and what kind you gotta get for the Wii really ^^;
Yea, I might've heard of that, but I want to get it! :shakefist: I can play with awesome people!
yeah! X3
good luck, buddy~! :meow::highfive:
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