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Submitted on
November 9, 2009



Testing 1, 2, 3...and Updates! XD

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 5:30 PM
  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns
  • Reading: English homework x_x
  • Eating: whatever snack I can find...XD
  • Drinking: water X3
:iconsonamyglompplz: Welcome~! :XD:

I'm testing my own little journal layout thingy with CSS since I'm a web designing freak anyways XD let's see...updates, yes! ^^

Art Stats
With my pile of homework, I almost have no time for drawing or even coloring for that matter. ^^; Thanksgiving week may be off for school, but I know for sure my mom will make me finish some work during that time. -.-' other than that, I'm still gonna upload a cute Thanksgiving picture I'm working on right now =D

Story Status
Somehow I'm able to write the 15th storisode of MWA at the same time of doing my Civil War rough draft thingy...I'm amazing! XDD Anyways, I plan on writing a new story soon and it'll only have a little logo thing (I think) since it'll be a story with people and...uh...I can't draw people AT ALL! I stink at them! :shakefist: so yeah, this new story is going to be based off American Dragon: Jake Long, but with my characters and some more mythical creatures the creators of the show may have left out. =D I wish they didn't cancel the awesome cartoon though...oh well ^^; Do I have a name for this story yet? YES, finally~!! X3 It's called "Mythology Project: Shapeshifters!" ^^ I sorta think it's a lame title though...boy, here we go again with me hating my own titles! I'm so picky! XDD (same happened with my poor MWA story...but my friends supported it and helped me feel better about the title, thanks again! X3)

The initials for my upcoming story will be "MPS" so I don't have to type the long name all the time xP

As for the PokeSonic story...I have no idea what to have happen next and I'm sorta stuck ^^; please gimme ideas if you have any?! :iconimsorryplz:

Photography Status
I have some new photos I forgot about but I don't feel like uploading 'em atm. XD
*checks camera* wow, I only have one new photo...dang it XD gotta take more soon to make my uploads worth it~! :meow:

Comic Status
Sonamy Unleashed is still stalled, but it shouldn't be too much longer before the last few pages are colored. ^^ My friend is busy so she can't color 'em with the snap of a finger, have patience! ;P
Other than that, I might work on Issue 2 by hand and to save time, the comic will just have to be in black and white...hope you guys don't mind ^^;

Then there's the mini-series I forgot about having Sonic and Tails...I'll probably work on those in school with that usual note-book paper I started to make 'em with =D

and that's pretty much the end! ^^ now below are my fave deviations from my friends~! :hug::hug: *is trying out thumbnail code thingy for limited edition stuff* XD

Tribal Dream by LycanFhangCosmo by USAkittenBATHYTIME by leonathegriffin.:: Pony Bite ::. by GodsSonicGirlThnx 4 the 5k by Amyrosepetal14:thumb132298264::thumb141418941::thumb141802943:CE: sonamy and bulbarita by ritinha2Sonic The Werehog Battle by Pro-Master-Gamer.:Sonamy Doodle Classic:. by PhoenixSAlover:thumb131799014:plusle and minun by jimmaybubbles2:thumb141565248::thumb135806172:3 Hedgies: Sugar High by hawkeye-maverick:thumb132054044:DURGS XDDDD by DarkCreamShadow Will Kill You by crazyhedgehog777Zip'n'Zap comicstrip 2 by Chari-ArtistDan the Swordmaster - C.V. by BlazinFlizardLil' Silver by AllHailWeegeeSilver the hedgehog -pz read- by AinaShadox:thumb141484242::thumb139329402::thumb136499480:The artist behind Cat Comixz? by CatComixzStudiosSonic and Amy by relyonArcanine sketch by sparky-the-raichu
I've got a lot of friends! :faint: this is one from each of most of them I could remember to find! XDD
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Falceto Nov 9, 2009
Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that! I wish you success on those studies and homeworks! :ohnoes:

I'm actually surprised that you featured SUNSET. Hahaha! I guess it's a good drawing...ehe..
yeah, thanks~! ^^

:icondragonkeke: you're welcome, and it sure is a cool drawing~! X3
Falceto Nov 10, 2009
You're welcome. 83

Lol! I don't really think it like that! xD;; It must be the worst drawing I have, followed by Exchanging Roles. lD
aww, it's a cool picture to me, though! ^^
Falceto Nov 10, 2009
Well, thank you. ^^; But I really doubt it's a great one.
you're welcome ^^
lol, what's it gonna take to get you to find your drawing awesome? XD :hug:
Falceto Nov 10, 2009
The shading and lineart problem. xD
aww, the shading and lineart was awesome! XD everybody has their own style :meow:
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hawkeye-maverick Nov 9, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw that's awesome! I really do like that picture ^^
Aww! You put one of the 3 Hedgies comics up! :hug:
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