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Submitted on
December 6, 2009


  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: I Can Only Imagine by Mercyme
  • Watching: my paper...sketching random stuff =P
  • Playing: MarioKart GC
  • Eating: WARM breakfast soon |3
  • Drinking: water...gotta have water X3
yep, most of you have been so patient for me,thanks! XD school is still in the way n' all, but that's not what I'm here to talk about...1st semester is almost over~! =D that means this semester break, I just might be able to work on my comic Sonamy Unleashed (SAU) Issues 2-3, hopefully, and more Misty's Wacky Adventures (MWA) storisodes! :w00t: er, I still feel picky about the MWA sure it doesn't sound that childish? XD

here are the stats of both...again, I'm appreciating all of your patience, guys :hug:

Sonamy Unleashed
Issue 1 has been done for months, but not really colored completely. I'm sorry for that, and that means my art style will be...different after the pages are finally done being colored by Neolioness and when you guys see it ^^; at least it'll show I've improved...XD

Anyways, I really can't wait to work on Issue 2 now that I found my old plots file! :dummy: I'll give you guys the issue numbers and names, but that's all ;P
Chapter One: Werewolves for Real?!
Iss. 2: Couple of Canines
Iss. 3: Figuring Out the Mystery
Iss. 4: Mysteries Unleashed (cheap, I know...these are old titles, I might change 'em if you guys don't like 'em =P)
Iss. 5: Dog Training (I'm keeping that one though...XD)
Chapter Two: Secrets Revealed, Wars to Win
Iss. 6: Deal for the Dame (Dame is another name for girls ;P)
Iss. 7: Sonic's Risk for Love (=D)

now as for MWA....

Misty's Wacky Adventures
after some roleplaying with Neo, I think I've got the plots set for my next few storisodes. I'm also thinking of squeezing a surprise guest character in one of the storisodes. ^^ guest characters are characters my friends own, basically like Neo (Neolioness), Dark (Darkspine15), PaoPao (Paolathehedgehog), and Delta (son-amy4ever)...we roleplay a lot XD

oh, I'm also doing my best making the story more descriptive so it's like a movie in your minds! :dummy: It'll be tough and make the storisodes longer, but worth it for improving my story writing skills. ^^ so yeah, just a little warning my storisodes will be longer than usual...|3

As a big announcement though, MWA's original wolfcat plot is coming to an end...for the next few storisodes will be a marathon of attacks, making Misty quite the fugitive right now. O.O' She'll meet a new rival in #15, the one I'm currently writing...anyways, after Misty's cured somehow of her wolfcat issue, I'll move one with good ol' 90's cartoon ideas and my own...XD (shrink rays are awesome! :dummy:) that's when things get wackier maybe =D

if you want more info, you can note me...but I'm not telling any or many spoilers at all XD
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Yay! :la: Can't wait for the updates on your stories!
I sense quite the excitement~! :dummy:
Some of those are still in my messages, because I plan to read them, but I never have enough time! :D
it's okies, read when you have the time~! =D :hug:
^^ I sure will!
Darkspine15 Dec 6, 2009  Student Interface Designer
I Need To Reading Too ^^
Darkspine15 Dec 6, 2009  Student Interface Designer
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