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January 8, 2010


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January - You are who you are...
We're all human and should be treated equally, even if we have a certain difference someone would judge us on. Now, here in this lesson, I guess you could say I'm standing up for as many types of people possible....'cause this world has gotten so stereotypical, I'm sick of it. T.T' really though, it doesn't hurt to be different, and God loves you for who you are as well. He understands you 100%, even many things about you that you're not sure of yourself. =D So yeah, He doesn't care if you're single and everyone else has a bf or gf. He doesn't care if you're attracted to the same gender. He doesn't care if you have your rebellious days when you turn from Him for a while, I guess 'cause He can get you back to Him and cheered up again XD anyways, we should do the friends with anyone we can, 'cause you'll never know if a person wearing tattoos is a really nice dude. *pokes bro in law and some other dudes I've met* ^^ Or the person being attracted to the same gender is a really nice dude....and honestly, I have a few friends online and in real life who are really nice and I don't even mind if they like the same gender |3 *pokes those buddies* X3 You also may never know if a really tough looking guy would be really kind and have a soft side...*pokes Eli's dad* XD Yeah, I've met these people, and I really hate some opinions on their types...people with tattoos aren't gangsters...people who are attracted to the same gender aren't weird or bad, and they especially won't go the the "Lake of Fire" if their also a firm believer in Christ!! :icondragonmad1plz: *hates that horrible judgment* also, tough guys aren't always mean or some sort of bully...T_T' as for myself, it's not even wrong to be a tomboy...XP PLUS, for a few friends I've met, you don't have to worry about the idiots out there thinking you're a loser or something for not having a gf or bf! ^^; *pokes those friends...* |3 They're the ones judging you, and it's a-okay to be a freakin single person especially when your love-life isn't their business! :pat: (I don't even believe in dating, actually...;P)

So....why judge others just by how they look or how they are if you may not even know that they're nice or not? :ohnoes: As I say and think a lot, "can't we all just get along and be friends?!" :shakefist: anyways, learning this lesson will make things easier for ya if you wanna make friends....'cause unless you know the person, you can be great friends with many different people and it actually makes life more interesting XD

on a side note, people shouldn't be saying things like men are better than women or women are better than men, either...I already said all of us humans are equal, and even God sees it that way |P

~Misty the Cat/Sarah M. (AKA Sonamy42 or USAhorses on many other sites)

December - What is love?
"What is love? baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!" XDDD
agh, song got in my head thinking of that =P
anyways! umm...where do I start? Bible verse on what love is? ^^ yush, I'll do that X3
I'd get it straight from my Bible but...I have the King James Version and it might be hard to understand for most/some of you XD here's a different version I found online =D
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Cor 13:4-7

So love is/always...
patient - to manage waiting, not in a rush |3
kind - to be helpful and/or sympathetic =3
protects - to keep one safe
trusts - to rely on another
hopes - to think truly something will happen; something good
preserves - lasts a long time; if not forever

Love is/does not...
envy - to get jealous of another person
boast - cause for pride; bragging
proud - showing pride (in means of is NOT for showing off...)
rude - to act or speak impolitely
self-seeking - to be concerned for your own feelings; not helpful
easily angered - (hard to define, comes from God, while anger and hate comes from selfishness, darkness, sin, and...err...Satan T_T)

Love also...
rejoices - to celebrate; enjoy in a good way
truth - something beyond fact; not an illusion

doesn't hold any records of wrongs, for it does good.
and it doesn't delight in evil, but rejoice in truth...

so the love some people think today is usually the "crush" love or something...which is sad. T_T' I can admit I love my friends and family, but I don't have a "crush" or "longing" feeling for them =P

Why did I choose love for December? heh, it's almost Christmas...there doesn't seem to be a lot of love in the world either -.-' but hey, God wants us to spread the love and so do I! X3 Love is awesome, the best thing God can give...or at least, one of many great things God can give! :w00t:

Have a Merry Christmas, God "loves" you all~! :tighthug: heh, I also love you all...that's just how I am XD :hug:

~Misty the Cat/Sarah M. (AKA Sonamy42 or USAhorses on many other sites)

November - The Best Way to Grieve...(sorta PG or PG-13ish surprisingly, but must be taught ^^;)
Many people call crying many stupid things. In the case of guys, they say it's "un-manly" but they're SO WRONG!! I even grow up with a dad whom I haven't seen cry except the time his dad, my grandad died...and that's it. He's not sad that my mom's parents are sick now, she's having a hard time knowing they're gonna die any day now! =( I can only cheer her up saying that I'm praying for them, and I am...
Now, in other cases, crying is also called:
- babyish
- girlyish (sexist much?! :icondragonmad1plz:)
- un-manly (as mentioned before...)
- weak
- pathetic
- pointless
- annoying (sadly...)
- embarrassing (the worst case...)

Unfortunately, it IS embarrassing to cry nowadays 'cause of what other people may think of you. -.-' They might call you a "crybaby", maybe even "emotional" or "the person with mood swings" T_T' There are even guys out there who don't like girls who cry, that's kinda, no one can cry if they just lost a loved one? no one can cry if they found out they have a bad disease that may kill them soon? no one can even "happy cry" about reuniting with someone?! this actually isn't healthy. = I mean, being a health nerd and mostly a big time Christian, crying is VERY good in my opinion. It lets things out, it's the natural grieving God meant for us to do. Then He'll help us any way possible if we pray. ^^ Those who don't cry get so depressed, these end up being their consequences:

-partner abuse

and worst of all, some decide to just give up on God. =( that just makes things worse, 'cause God's the key to peace and joy. Satan just brings hate and anger, nothing good. If people these days were patient, maybe they would've waited for God's joy to be brought? Prayer takes time, and it has to be meant from the heart...err, kinda off topic, the point ;3

The tears from crying are like the thoughts just coming out...if you grieve that way, you'll feel MUCH better. ^^ I've had many moments where I'd cry SO HARD in my room, I can't even talk from it...but the grieving helps! =3 I've even cried while talking with my mom about stuff, especially during that big talk I gave her to convince her and put me back in OT. I told her how much I hate my sensory disorder, how much I wish I never had to take that seizure medicine, why I can get angered so easily sometimes, and all this stuff. I let it out, and I was crying while talking! I don't care, as long as this stuff was out, I was relieved from the stress n' yeah, sorry for this long lesson, I just can't stand the news about someone being killed or some school shootings caused by a bullied kid with a gun. This has to be stopped, these silly thoughts on why crying shouldn't be done. It's like saying eating a lot of chocolate will cheer you up, but it'll just make you sick. Stay away from the chocolate, pray or cry, and you'll feel better than ever~! :icondragonnod1:

so yeah, if something's on your mind, talk about it to God, your parent(s), sibling, yourself, or a friend and let out a nice cry! ^^ I know you guys can do it, think of crying as a "brave" and/or "manly" (for guys...XD) since the situations today are people waiting to make fun of ya for it...face them and show them how good crying really is! >=3 YEAH! :w00t: (went overboard with this XDD)
seriously, start crying...;P :icondragoncryingplz:
~Misty the Cat/Sarah M. (AKA Sonamy42 or USAhorses on many other sites)

October - Chill Out and Remember the Golden Rule!
"Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you" is the rule I remember. ^^
You see, nowadays there are such stupid groups like "popular kids", "nerds", "jocks", and many others...why categorize ourselves like that and make a war-like community in school or anywhere else? I mean, you're actually wondering why there are so many more bullies now and wondering why they're worse after Middle School? It's 'cause everyone thinks of themselves as one team or another, causing serious problems with the other "teams" as if they're against each other to win a pointless war. If you pay attention to that golden rule, you'll know that being mean to someone surely doesn't get you anywhere 'cause imagine if YOU were the one being yelled at or beat up! It's silly to get back at your bully as well. Here's my saying related to that: "Fighting fire with fire makes the flames bigger and then later on, both flames die out. It'd be wise to put out the fire or calm it down with some water." What does that mean? Eventually, after beating up each other, all you end up with are horrible or worse of all, deadly results. If you're the water and stand up for yourself or tell an adult about your bully and make them the water, things could be settled between you two. ^_-

~Misty the Cat (AKA Sonamy42 or USAhorses on many other sites)

September - Older, Wiser, or Both?
"As twisted as the world can be, it makes more sense as you get older and wiser. So aging isn't bad, it helps your knowledge."

A little message for you guys thinking aging is bad or that you're getting older XD no offense, though. ^^;

Yeah, surprisingly I was able to think that message up myself when I was sick that day. :giggle:

~Misty the Cat (AKA Sonamy42 or USAhorses on many other sites)

August - Impressing another by what's on the outside? Puh-lease!
Males and females alike shouldn't worry about how they look, but what's on the inside.

I don't wear make up and am afraid of my older sister when she wants to put it on me. XD
I like being fully dressed and usually I'll be seen in sports clothes, not very tight clothes. ^^'

So worrying about the make-up (girls), being/looking muscular (boys), or worrying about what to wear just to look good (both) is pretty dumb. If you like/love the other one's personality and/or interests, you'll get along better. ^_-

~Misty the Cat (AKA Sonamy42 or USAhorses on many other sites)
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Chari-Artist Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Yup, I agree. Crying is good for the soul. :]
I don't cry as frequently as I used to due to teasing. I do recall though seeing a bunch of guys in my high school with tears coming down their faces, but I can't remember why.. :\

Anyway, yeah.. x]
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
dang >~<'
wow, I hope the guys were crying...XD
Chari-Artist Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I guess it came from me wanting them to stop referring to me as the crybaby even when I wasn't crying. But I can still be very emotional. xD

And that's what I mean. They were crying, but I can't remember any other details.. :c
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
heh, I'm kinda emotional right now XD watching my fave Anime characters die ^^; why do they always do that on Anime?! :icondragonweep: of course, it's the Japanese version...the English dubs from my own darn country take out death scenes since they think they can turn a "teenage" anime into a freakin' "kid's" anime...and it annoys me! XD too many scenes cut out...darn America...sometimes I actually hate my own country XD
Chari-Artist Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, that stinks. I hate when characters die. xc, I live in Canada :D
..though it's the same here xD
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
yeah...dang it, almost all the main characters are dying! :ohnoes: this is too much but I gotta find out what happens! XD (btw, I'm watching Sailor Moon...the very first series ;3)
Chari-Artist Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009  Professional Digital Artist

Lol, We have a VHS tape with three episodes on it xD

And also, the lady who does MiniMoon's voice used to be a host on a local (canadian) kid's channel xD
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
lol, awesome! XDD

man, the last episode ended with the characters coming back but they have no memories of meeting each other or anything! :ohnoes: *goes to next episode* dang, it'll be like starting from episode 1 again XD
amyrose-sonic-fan Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
Nice I liked that! ^^ I agree with it all. :)
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
heh, thanks~! ^^
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