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Submitted on
May 8, 2010


41 (1 today)
  • Mood: Unhappy
  • Listening to: Hero by Skillet
  • Reading: my granddad's funeral information... ._.
  • Watching: the monitor screen? XD
  • Playing: Pokemon LeafGreen |3
  • Eating: Fruit n Nuts Granola Bar...|3
  • Drinking: water |3
yeah, my granddad fought cancer and pneumonia long enough...he finally died on the 4th of May and his funeral will be this Monday, the hurts to know he's gone now, but at least it brings peace to know he's also with Jesus. ^^; I'm not in any mood to go to a funeral though, it's too depressing! ><' It's bad enough I've cried all this week from my granddad being gone, and I'm also gonna have to miss more school...T.T'

oh well, if I told my parents they'd just say they couldn't leave me here alone while the rest of my fam is out of state at the funeral...:iconsighingplz:

anyways, please pray for my family to have strength! ='3 I love you all! x3

in good news, I finally have new drawing ideas and I went on a hike today! :dummy:
I also started my LeafGreen game over 2 nights ago, I was getting bored with my older I transferred my strong and special/rare Pokemon to my HeartGold version XD Remakes of old versions are awesome! :3
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Sonicfan160 May 11, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry to hear that, i'll be praying for you. :pray:
Sonicfan160 May 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome. :)
Chari-Artist May 10, 2010  Student Interface Designer
164-eXist May 9, 2010
:pray: :huggle:
Rhonda-Young May 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so sorry. I know it's hard. :huggle:
I'm glad, though, that you got out and hiked a bit.
A walk and fresh air is good when you feel sad.
All my prayers always... :pray:
yeah, and thanks ^^
I continues... :pray: Plz get better soon! ^^ I never really liked going to funerals, either. I know it's respectful and all, it just makes me sad...
thnx, I finally feel better now...I thank everyone who's been praying for me ='3
yeah, I agree ^^;
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