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Submitted on
March 10, 2010


  • Mood: Exhilarated
  • Listening to: Tobymac - Funky Jesus Music XD
  • Reading: random mini-comics I'm making out of boredom |D
  • Watching: PC screen? XD
"as for somethin kinda sad, I got my mad drawing skillz back after having some rest on a "snow storm, school's out! :dummy:" day....heh XD hmm...I'm still gonna let the contest continue, in case I'll need a back-up character anyways =P I already know you guys are excited and wanna work hard, so I won't push or stop that! =D
maybe that new character can also be a long lost twin of Misty's from another dimension...yeah! XD *has an interesting imagination* |3 so worries~!"
(copied and pasted from… journal) 'cause I was too lazy |D)

PLUS, I've decided on the deadline! :dummy:
man it's been a while since I made a contest...and sadly, I never had time to finish those prizes speaking of which, so hopefully you guys forgive me for that. ^^; this contest won't have prizes due to school still pulling off my time for making much stuff and 'cause of what happened in my previous contest...many months ago...XP

besides, you can't always do something and expect something in return, RIGHT? =P yeah, just hoping you guys can understand that...I've met picky people, wanting prizes n' such so don't join if you don't wanna...|3

now for the info...

Deadline: April 23rd, 2010

Design my new character to represent me! :dummy: The one I'll like best is the winner, and I'll be able to sorta put my own touches in it since it's gonna be my character anyways...XD Also, this new character will probably be replacing wellz ^^;

1. it HAS to be G rated other words, appropriate for someone younger than me, though I'm still not one to tolerate inappropriate stuff anyways XP
2. go by some of my design ideas on my list since this character is suppose to be me in the Sonic world. In other words, it's me as a Sonic fan character |3
3. When it comes to designing the clothes for my character, just make it basic since I have some clothes designs of my own I'm ready to put on the new character ;3 like a plain white sweater and black sweatpants would be all you can start with XD
4. the pose won't matter for the character, as long as it suits my personality in which there will be a list below...
5. be sure to have fun with this, okay? :dummy: comes the lists I guess XD

Design List
Fur color: blue (this kinda blue:… or light brown

Fur marking color choices: if fur color is blue...[green, white, or black] if the fur color is brown...[sky blue, light green, black, or white]

Fur marking choices: 'cause I'm a Christian, maybe a cross fur marking would be cool X3 it has to be visible though, and somewhere appropriate as rules say! XP then some other markings I'll be okay with are zig-zags or lightning strike type of markings...those are cool! XD and ring markings on her tail, maybe...

Clothes: as mentioned before, leave them plain...I has clothes ready for the character anyways |3

Animal species: my character HAS to be a kitty cat, 'cause I love cats and my personality seems to be cat-like, honestly XDD

Traits from me that my character could have:
-greenish grey-blue eyes (I still have no clue what my actual eye color is, but it looks mostly green! XD)
-brown fur would represent my brown hair
-hair length is undecided so have fun with that XD
-hair should be straight though and I keep it down usually |3
-if there was size comparison, I'd have no clue what to pick...I've been meeting random people who are older than me that are also shorter, yet there are people younger than me almost taller than me so it's confusing right now! XDD but I guess 5' 4" in the Sonic world would be....3' 2"? the character can't be 3' 4" or she'd be an inch taller than Sonic...O.O XD
-I'm a tomboy, so have her look athletic and tough! XD but still kind...wait for the personality list before you decide on poses n' such |3
-honestly, for being 15 yrs old now, I still look 12 or 13...XP so go ahead and make me look a little like a kid...I'm confusing to others in real life as well, always asked how old I am |D

Personality traits
kind/caring, compassionate, merciful, calm, patient, easy-going, loyal, shy but opening up, loves hugging others, tough, stubborn, brave and daring (trust me, if you know me well you'll realize, like I realized myself, that I can be daring! XDD), easily bored, easily annoyed/angered (but I stay calm about it or half the time I'm too much in a good mood to be ticked off! XP), clumsy, has positive outlook most of the time, has a wild imagination, and is boyish! X3

and that's kinda all, I guess...if you can enter, go ahead! :pat: and once i finally have a design for my character, I'll recreate it in my own style (if it's okay with you...she'll end up my character anyways, though I'd hate to be rude if I am ^^;) and add transformation forms to a werewolf and angel form Misty had as well! :w00t:

and remember, have fun! ^^



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amyrose-sonic-fan Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010
man i forgot about this til i found my finished pic again in on of my notebooks i thought i lost - i still have time to submitt my entery right? ^^;
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010
it's okay :3

and yeah, you still have time to enter =D
amyrose-sonic-fan Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010
:( i owuld post it now but my camera isnt working and if i cant get it to work i dont think i post it.... i dont have a scanner so camera is the only way
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010
aww :ohnoes: well, I'm thinking about post-poning the contest anyways 'cause I'm so busy with school work to earn my summer break and won't really have time for finishing the contest |D
maybe sometime during Summer I can end it and hopefully your camera is fixed by then? =D
amyrose-sonic-fan Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010
ohs ok thanks Im sure it will or i so hope lol I really need that camera the batteries work but it wouldnt turn on :noes:
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010
you're welcome :3
and uh-oh :ohnoes:
amyrose-sonic-fan Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010
Beagleboy4ever Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Here's my character. [link]
AllHailWeegee Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
If only I was good at designing characters! XD
Sonamy42 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010
aww, you're not alone then! XD
I've been failing at designing this year; except for my one new character, Raya |3
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