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Submitted on
February 27, 2010


  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Casting Crowns CD! X3
  • Reading: 90 Minutes Un Heaven by Don Piper =3
  • Watching: walkthroughs for SatBK |3
  • Playing: Sonic and the Black Knight! >=3
  • Eating: late breakfast, I slept in today! XD
  • Drinking: water XP
eh, I was too lazy and bored this week to post birthday updates |3 but I'm impressed that some of my buddies still remembered my b-day was yesterday, it was a nice surprise XD (no offense to others if you were too busy or something....I forgive ya anyways ;3)

I wasn't the only one who turned 15 though...AllHailWeegee's birthday was just a day before mine, which is pretty dang awesome! XD we're only one day apart...really interesting, huh? |3

what I got for my b-day and what happened? hmm...I wasn't in the best mood yesterday, not even excited for my own birthday for some reason. ^^; but I cheered up later on in the day after finding some Christian music that actually fit my situation of mysterious depression and it would talk about getting back up again and uplifting stuff like that. =3

SO, I got cheered up just in time before my family celebration! =D I had my fave dinner, spaghetti! :dummy: then for dessert, strawberry cheesecake! :icondragonwant: there were so many strawberries on the one we got, yummy! X3

as for earlier in the day, I celebrated with my friends in art class a bit too. though, 'cause I wasn't excited anyways at the time, I kept quiet about my b-day until John wished me happy b-day and Courteney went up to me asking if it was my birthday that day and I said "yup". XD I stay happy around friends though, I don't want them worrying about me =P

so yeah, it was basically my friends who had to help tell my art teacher it was my birthday, then everyone got excited n' stuff. XD prayer got answered too, they prayed for me to have a great birthday and I sure did later on! :icondragonnod1:

gifts I got anyways:

-90 Minutes In Heaven (a very awesome book, based on a true story, and I've read over 40 pages already! =D thanks, mom! :heart:)
-Casting Crowns - Until the Whole World Hears album (it's awesome, I listened to the CD repeatedly all night last night! XD thanks, Chris (my bro) and Ashley (Chris' friend)! ^^)
-Sonic and the Black Knight (I played the game from probably 11pm last night to 1am....I love it! XD Now to find out how to beat the next boss...I already defeated all knights of the round table |D thanks, Chris and Ashley yet again! X3)
-many random birthday cards from friends and family XD
-A stain glass book or something from one of my buddies |3

and other stuff I'll remember later...I'm still kinda tired and my brain isn't functioning...oh yeah, time for a late breakfast! XD

one more thing whole class sung happy birthday to me after it was time to be picked up after art ended and it was really fun and funny! XD I love my art teacher, she's got a random yet great sense of humor XDD! (she had some of the class and herself do slightly funnier singing voices...|3)

ALSO, don't worry about birthday gifts for me...I'm okay and understand you guys may be too busy anyways. XP so yeah, you don't need pressure...unless you insist on making me something, then okay...XDD
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ChristianCosmo Mar 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Mine was on the 15th. Cool Feburary birthdays
:tighthug: awesome, happy belated b-day then! X33
ChristianCosmo Mar 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks and Happy unbirthday to you too.
you're welcome, and thnx X3
I think The Black Knight is the hardest Sonic game I've played... The game's story itself isn't so long I just thought the controls were kinda hard. I like it when Sonic meets Amy as Nimue! :D He bows to her and puts his arm around her shoulder! Haha!
:party: Happy Birthday, again! :hug:
heh, yeah XDD I'm near the final boss by now, but I keep dying in the Dragon's Lair T.T' so much floor falls apart with bad guys at the same time, along with a timer to make things much harder :icondizzyplz:

and thnx again! X3
The very last level was kinda hard. It took me like a month to beat. Until my cousins came over from Texas, my cuz Dakota watched me play and then I beat it! :dummy: Yesss... Some people are just lucky charms.
wow :dummy: awesome! XDD
Chari-Artist Feb 27, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Oh that's awesome! Happy birthday! ^^

I had no chance to get on yesterday because it was also my buddy *Kialish's birthday. She just turned 17. x]
thanks! X3

and that's cool, tell her I wish her happy birthday as well! =D
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