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Submitted on
October 10, 2010


  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: RED - Fight Inside
  • Reading: Silas Marner @~@
  • Drinking: water X3
Yesterday I was at my parents in-laws' house (they're the parents of my bro in-law, whom is married to my oldest sis ;P) and they own a really nice farm, too =D I got to hold, pet, and see all types of animals X3 I might draw it all and upload it, depends if I have the time today :meow:

Animals I got to hold~
- a piglet X3
- a lizard with a spiky tail and skin ready to shed...but why would I mind? XD it was awesome holding a scaly animal for the first time :3

Animals that sat in my lap XD
- a heavy little dog O.O
- a hyper and really light little dog...he was my fave, his name being "Tank" XDD
- a sorta fatter small dog tried getting onto my lap, but got distracted with licking my hand repeatedly XD

Animals I got to pet :dummy:
- big pigs =3
- kitties X3
- the dogs :3
- rats X3 one nibbled my finger though, it scared me 'cause I didn't expect it XD and it felt harder than a nibble...those teeth can be scary O_O'
- a chinchilla~!! X3333 they're like over-sized mice with fluffy tails, so adorable!! XD

Animals I saw =3
- rooster o.o
- hens :dummy: X3
- a cockatoo and another parrot, the same one that was on my shoulder :3
- really...BIG...dogs O_O; *is scared of big dogs due to a time 2-3 huge dogs chased me a few years ago Oo;;*
- another chinchilla...X3
- more lizards :3
- kitties :dummy:

then a parrot was scared to get on my arm off the owner's the dude put his bird on my shoulder instead XDD
one of the dogs there gave me the creeps though...O_O he kept stalking and growling at me...and barked....I was afraid I'd be attacked X'D
Then there was a rooster walking around that the owners warned was a bit of an evil rooster O.o' one dude walked to the rooster to demonstrate, and the thing really DID attack! O.O XDD

and why was this an awesome way to end a week? well, all last week I had a VERY bad week...I had lots of things on my mind, got worried about friends, it was just an emotional mess =/

but now I feel a bit better ^^
seeya guys some other time~! :wave:
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Chari-Artist Oct 10, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Woah, sounds really great.. except for the few scary things. :]
Cool! :D I pet a shark once.
awesome! O.O
what was it like petting a shark? X3
It felt kinda rubbery. =p They were leopard sharks.
Rhonda-Young Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good that you had a nice time and that you're feeling better!
Animals always make people feel better! :D
yeah! ^^
I'm really thankful that God allowed me to see more species of His creations X3
Rhonda-Young Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Emily-Young Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
Sounds cool!^^ And I hear ya on the rooster bit, those things can be MEAN! And mine were just banty rooters! XD
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